“After my diagnosis with stage 4 cancer, I became a patient of Dr. Guess. I had a prognosis of 7 to 9 months. I worked with Dr. Guess to complement my traditional medical and alternative treatment regimens. After five and a half years of homeopathy, integrative treatments and work with other practitioners, I remain cancer-free.  Dr. Guess’ homeopathic approach has continued to help my family and me through multiple physical conditions, assist my overall emotional well-being, and provide guidance for various medical procedures. One of the most challenging situations arose a year after my cancer diagnosis when I contracted a severe case of shingles. Dr. Guess identified a homeopathic remedy and recommended nutritional and other supplements that fostered a speedy recovery. 
“I particularly value that Dr. Guess is a  homeopath and a medical doctor. He has also given me sage advice when I have faced non-cancer-related medical situations. He has also developed protocols for acute illness and surgery that helped me and my family speed the recovery and manage the symptoms of these events.”
- Karen M, North Carolina

“Regular allopathic medicine was failing to get me well from a very serious illness.  After describing some of my symptoms to the first classical homeopath I called, she said, “You need George Guess.”  Eighteen years later, I can absolutely say, “She was right!”  His homeopathic knowledge is second to none in my opinion.  Dr. Guess has turned my life in a positive direction countless times over the past two decades with homeopathic remedies, supplements, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.  I would not have enjoyed a high quality of life without his knowledge and caring.”
- Sarah B, Virginia

 “Several times western conventional physicians have proposed to fix a health condition with treatments that sounded toxic or scary, or, as I had discovered, just didn't work.  These have included the emotional roller coaster of female hormones (sedatives), shingles (steroids), and rheumatoid arthritis.  Sometimes the fix clearly wasn't going to work, like recommending antibiotics for probable fluid in my brain due to a concussion.  Sometimes nothing conventional worked, but homeopathy did! Dr. Guess successfully treated me for all these conditions; so I turn to him before the primary care physician.“
- Deborah P, Virginia

 “I have consulted Dr Guess for various health care needs for over 15 years. At first I was struggling with chronic sinusitis and the related overuse of antibiotics. It was a major problem and the result was not an overnight one, but I stuck with the process and within a year the worst of it was behind me and has not returned. Now if I get a cold, I’m not scared anymore of what used to be a tortuous experience. There have been other health issues as well that he has helped me with over the years. I feel that at several points in my life, homeopathy has been my “Get Out of Jail Free” Monopoly card for a situation that would otherwise have resulted in lengthy testing and medication, but which instead retreated and was resolved. Thank you, Dr. Guess, for taking the time to listen to me and suggest such knowledgeable courses of action.” 
- Vicky W, Virginia

 "My first consultation with Dr. Guess was many years ago.  I had been diagnosed with a serious, pronounced-terminal health condition for which there was no effective treatment. Dr. Guess agreed to treat me, and the treatment was successful. I have continued to consult with him over the years for a variety of health issues, none of the severity of that first serious ailment, fortunately. I have been very pleased with the depth and breadth of his knowledge, as well as the quick results that have followed his homeopathic prescriptions. I have referred other family members and friends to him for many years, and he has been very helpful to them as well."
- Marie D. Chicago.

 “On July 25, 2017, I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis after a CT scan revealed abnormal lymph node enlargement in my chest and subsequent confirmatory biopsy. I was referred to a lung specialist to manage the sarcoidosis. No specific conventional treatment was offered. Dr. Guess began to treat me for this with homeopathic remedies, and on the latest CT Scan no abnormal lymph nodes were noted; the conclusion was that my chest and lungs were normal. My physical, emotional and mental health is now quite good, I’m pleased to say.” 
- Stan S. Florida

 “Years ago I suffered with chronic fatigue syndrome and associated digestive symptoms, which began after I contracted a severe stomach flu. The symptoms of incapacitating weakness, nausea, loss of appetite, chills, dizziness, aches and pains, diarrhea, and mental dullness and forgetfulness had persisted for over a year. After taking an extensive case history, Dr. Guess prescribed a homeopathic medicine, which I repeated periodically over a few weeks. Within two months, I was well – all symptoms having subsided and not returned.”
- Alberta C. Virginia

 “I consulted with Dr. Guess about my 10 year-old son who had been diagnosed with ADD, a behavior disorder, and Tourette’s syndrome.  He was unable to focus in school, was given to marked angry tantrums, suffered frequent tics consisting of jerking, shouting, cursing, etc. He also displayed some OCD characteristics and wet his bed at night regularly. Dr. Guess treated him with repeated doses of the homeopathic remedy Mercurius vivus. Positive results were noticeable in a fairly short time and, as the weeks and later months went by, our son’s health steadily improved. I can happily say that those earlier issues are behind us now.”
- Elizabeth T. South Carolina