Thank you for your interest in homeopathic medicine and/or bioidentical hormone therapy. Most of the information below pertains to homeopathic treatment, with the exception of information about fees, insurance, office location, etc.  For more specific information about BHRT, please refer to the page entitled ‘Hormones.’ We are sure you have many questions and hope most of them will be answered on this website; if not,
please don'’t hesitate to call us. The next few paragraphs will give you an idea of what to expect when you come to the office.
  Initial consultations take from one-and-a-half to two hours, after which your homeopathic prescription is determined. Routine follow-up appointments are initially scheduled four to six weeks later. Although it is best if follow-up consultations are in person, many long-distance patients elect to follow up by telephone appointments.
  As improvement is noted after treatment has begun, the intervals between appointments are progressively lengthened. The ultimate goal is the lasting restoration of health, free from dependency on any form of medical treatment.
  Achieving this goal occurs rapidly in some, gradually in others. Homeopathic treatment is best viewed as a process of healing that progresses over time and that requires time. It would be a disservice to oneself and the homeopathic practitioner if a patient's expectation was of a quick fix from a single prescription. This is not to belie those frequent instances when improvement does occur very rapidly. Homeopathy is effective for both chronic and acute diseases of all types, and it is appropriate for all ages. Please refer to a brief explanation of homeopathy for more information (‘Information about Homeopathy’).
  If interested in making a new patient office appointment, please call 434-823-1021 to make arrangements. Refer to the web pages listed above for fees and other important information. If interested in making an email/telephone new patient appointment, please refer to additional information below.
  After arranging your appointment please download the new patient packet, which contains information, forms to fill out, and a guide to help you prepare a written symptom summary, the preparation of which will greatly help you to provide a complete description of yourself and your ailments.

New Patient Packet


Case-taking Procedure

  Patients should fill out the forms that are sent to them or downloaded from this website (New Patient Packet, which contains information, health history forms, and a How to Report Symptoms Guide) and bring them to the consultation with Dr. Guess. In addition you should prepare an extensive narrative of your case following the "How to Report Symptoms" guide.  If possible, this narrative should be emailed to Dr. Guess well before your scheduled appointment time; this will save you a lot of time when you are in the office since Dr. Guess will have had an opportunity to prepare ahead of time.
  The consultation consists primarily of a lengthy interview, with physical examination as appropriate. No routine laboratory tests are performed, but may be requested by Dr. Guess if deemed necessary. Subsequent to the consultation Dr. Guess will either prescribe a homeopathic medicine there in the office or elect to study the case further and mail the homeopathic remedy to you.   
  It is important to note that exposure to some substances, etc., can compromise the effect of homeopathic medicines. While individual susceptibility largely determines the impact of these substances, their adverse effects are common enough that it is wise for patients to avoid such exposure. The information sheet below will be provided at the conclusion of the first consultation with Dr. Guess. It is here listed below for perusal/download. 


Remedy Directions and Antidotes