I'm Dr. George Guess, a family physician trained in classical homeopathic medicine. I have been practicing homeopathy since 1978. A few years after completing my family practice residency as an M.D. I became interested in homeopathy. A gentle yet potent method of healing, homeopathy appealed to me because of its promise and its methodology, which addresses the whole individual -- mind, heart and body.

Homeopathy employs safe, non-toxic, natural medicines in extremely small doses, gently and effectively stimulating the healing process. Homeopathy avoids the narrow specialization that characterizes much of Western medicine, focusing instead on each individual in his or her entirety.

Learn about homeopathy, including some of the conditions homeopathy can treat, the philosophy, history and methodology of homeopathy, by reviewing the information included under the Homeopathy link on this site.  Included are several articles about homeopathic self treatment of many acute ailments .

Bioidentical hormone therapy offers a safe, effective to many female and male hormonally related disorders, among them menopausal symptoms, menstrual disorders, declining libido, atrophic vaginitis, male andropause, some prostate conditions, etc. Correction of adrenal and thyroid dysfunction is another important aspect of BHRT. More information can be found under the Hormones link on this website.


Arnica w butterfly (2).jpg

Arnica montana
(leopard's bane)
a homeopathic remedy commonly
prescribed for soft tissue injuries


Calendula officinalis
a homeopathic remedy commonly
applied topically for open wounds and
sometimes taken internally for inflamed,
infected wounds.

Clematis erecta
(upright virgin's bower)
a homeopathic remedy often prescibed
for male genitourinary inflammations