Below are a number of homeopathic resources: two national homeopathic organizations, one professional, the other for the lay public; two homeopathic book sellers; and a few homeopathic pharmacies from which many homeopathic medicines or home medicine kits can be ordered.  We trust you'll find this information useful. 
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Homeopathic organizations

                                                                                                                                 American Institute of Homeopathy

The national professional organization for homeopathic MD's, DO's, ND's, physician assistants and nurse practitioners.  Established in 1844, two years before the


                                                                                                                      National Center for Homeopathy

The national organization for primarily the lay public, information clearing house for homeopathy; they also hold annual conventions and offer homeopathic educational programs.



homeopathic booksellers

                 Homeopathic Educational Services





homeopathic pharmacies








Information about treatment options for mesothelioma
In addition to information about conventional treatment of mesothelioma, this site provides
information about complementary therapies, including homeopathic medicine.