While homeopathic medicine can be a powerful influence for the restoration of health, a good lifestyle (nutrition/diet, exercise, stress management, etc.) aids the achievement of optimal health and is critical to its maintenance.  Nutritional supplementation can bolster one's dietary intake, supplying nutrients missing in the diet.  In addition, supplements, both nutritional and herbal, can provide a gentle, beneficial pharmacologic effect, helping to alleviate symptoms while allowing the homeopathic medicine to do its work.  Supplements might also reduce one's dependence on prescription drugs, eliminating possible drug interference with the homeopathic medicine.

 Below are links to several companies and organizations that supply very high quality supplements.  Any of the products from one of these sources can be relied upon to be well formulated, pure, unadulterated and hypoallergenic.  In addition to the link, I've included the information needed to register with the sites, which, in some of the cases, will entitle you to discounted prices.

Natural Dispensary (www.naturaldispensary.com). Use PIN: ITI 1947 to register and obtain a 10% discount.

Life Extension Foundation (www.levitamins.com/30251) provides state of the art nutraceuticals and botanicals, articles, health care protocols and more.


Restorative Formulations (www.restorativeformulations.com.  Use my phone 434-823-1021 to register.)  This company supplies state-of-the-art adrenal and thyroid supplements, information on Wilson's Temperature Syndrome.

Progressive Labs (www.progressivelabs.com. Customer ID is 57538P; you must call in first as a patient to be able to order. 800-527-9512.)